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IMPORTANT: This letter is to notify you of a program within South Orlando Soccer Club that you might have an interest in learning more about. We will list out the Bullet Points here and then if you want more information about the program, you may choose to continue to read the details following this introduction.






     The Developmental Bridge Program is an evaluation-based program used to identify those players in each age, separately boys and girls, who meet the highest skills standards amongst their peers, as well as have the personal motivation to absorb instruction & apply those skills in game settings. This does not mean, just the top players. A lot of the mid-level players that really want to improve their skills and become one of the top players are the best candidates for this program as well. They have to be willing to not only be there for the trainings but have a good attitude and be able to concentrate and not distract other players.

                Players identified in the evaluation process, will be offered to participate in an additional Advanced Training once a week along with other players in their age of similar ability.  There will be a nominal charge to cover the costs of the additional trainings and participation in the program.

                The additional training is designed to challenge those players who are able & personally seeking instruction versus other top-level players in their age.  The Player must demonstrate this proactive interest, ability to absorb instruction, and capability to apply the new skills learned.

                When selected to a Development Bridge Team (DBT) for their age, in addition to a once a week high ability group training, the program will seek to play a competitive game with the goal of introducing them to the competitive atmosphere.  We are there to use the skills they have been working on in a game setting.  There will also be at least two internal tournament days per year. 



What is Developmental Bridge Program (DBT)?

DBT Program is an additional training program for selected developmental players, who demonstrate the desire to see the bigger game of soccer and have the intention to eventually become competitive players. We encourage all developmental players to participate in this program as long as possible. Once they go competitive (depending on the coach) they tend to focus more on winning than developing players skills.  


What is the idea behind DBT?

Basically, the players are trying out for an additional advanced training program designed to give the top skilled and mid leveled skilled players in each age the opportunity to practice and play in some competitive capacities alongside other kids with similar ability levels.  Challenging them to continually improve their personal skill levels.

To give those kids opportunities to play WITH each other, as opposed to only AGAINST each other in Development games.  Hoping that when the kids graduate from the Development program and move into the Competitive program they will already be familiar with each other and ready to hit the ground running versus the other clubs with teams that have played together for several years.

Reward those players who train hard and are trying to improve their personal skills to the next level.

While some clubs develop teams to win and focus early on tactics, we choose to develop individuals that can play on any team in the future and stand out.  70% of the kids drop out from soccer by age 12 when they realize the only thing they can do is stand in their positions and pass, which is not fun anymore and is no longer paying off in results.    We are aiming to develop players who will play for many years and not just on their school teams, but also beyond that.  The reason our kids will still be playing is because of their individual ability to beat players while having fun, not just get rid of the ball as soon as they get it.   The kids are young and they have long soccer careers in front of them.  Be assured that the reason people play higher level soccer or for a Division I College or Professional team isn’t because they can stand in a position and pass, but rather, be technically proficient in all aspects of the game.


How are the players going to be selected?

                Players will be selected during the Days of Discovery evaluations on Friday, MARCH 1ST and 8TH, 2019.  Selections will be made with recommendation by the Coerver Coaching Staff along with SOSC upper level coaches within our club.


What Qualities are we looking for when selecting players?

Skill Ability

Proactive attitude and drive to become a better player

Ability to focus at training (very important)

Ability to absorb & apply the material

Player parent’s commitment to the program’s training, tournaments, and fees.


What age groups and how many players are going to be selected?

                DBT is available to boys and girls 2006 - 2012 (subject to number of qualified candidates).  There are a limited amount of DBT training spots available.  2013/14 players can participate in DBT if they are invited by Coerver Coaching of Florida only. The younger ages will not be eligible for the competitive games, but will participate in the internal friendlies. 


When will DBT practice and how many games are they going to play per season?

DBT will train once a week for 8-10 weeks on Friday evenings.  Session 1 will be for Girls born in 2006 through 2012 and Boys born in 2011 and 2012. Practice session 1 will start at 5:30pm and end at 6:45pm.  Session 2: will be for Boys 2006 – 2010. Practice session 2 will start at 6:45pm and end at 8:00pm.  Coerver Coaching will provide training structure and guidance.  DBT will have opportunities to play a couple of games together that will not conflict with any training or games with their development team.  


Can a player be only part of the DBT and not practice with their developmental team?

                No.  DBT players will have to practice with their developmental team in addition to Friday DBT training. Players that are not training and playing with their developmental team, will not be able to practice with DBT team.  The purpose of involving the young players in this program is to give them that 2nd-3rd training per week that is critical for their development.  Participating with their Development SOSC team, they can practice their skills against players where they will experience frequent success.  The DBT practice then gives them the opportunity to train with others of similar ability and challenge their new skills with more resistance.


What if a child does not make the DBT team and improves during the season? Will they have a chance to become a DBT member?

Yes. If the child does not make the team in the Fall and they work hard to improve their skills, attitude or focus (whatever the case may be) toward soccer, then they are more than welcome to be evaluated again.


If my child made a team in the fall season, does that automatically mean he or she will be on the DBT in the spring?

Yes, the child will make the team for the entire year (both Fall and Spring) soccer season, as long as he/she continues to abide by the other DBT requirements.


How are the DBT coaches selected?

DBT coaches are professional trained Coerver Staff as well as selected volunteer club coaches that demonstrate a commitment to “coaching for development versus results” and to the Coerver Methodology of Player Development.  Coerver Coaching Staff will work closely with these volunteer coaches to establish the proper training for each DBT.  Coerver Staff will be directly working with the teams instructing on a weekly basis.


What are the additional costs for participation in the DBT program?

There is a $115 per season training charge that covers the costs of running the weekly program.  Tournament fees (if applicable) will apply and may vary. There is no cost to try out at our Days of Discovery.


If you believe your player could meet these qualifications and you are willing to support this program, we would love to see you at the DBT Evaluations called Days of Discovery Friday, March 1st and 8th , 2019

The tryouts will be held at Airport Lakes Park. 

Days if Disocvery Session A:  For Girls born in 2006 (U13) 2007(U12), 2008(U11), 2009(U10), 2010(U9), 2011(U8), and 2012(U7) and Boys born in 2011(U8) and 2012(U7). Tryout will start at 5:30pm and end at 6:45pm.


Days of Discovery Session B: For Boys 2006(U13) 2007(U12), 2008(U11), 2009(U10), and 2010(U9).  Tryout will start at 6:45pm and end at 8:00pm.


For additional questions email, Dan Sherfield at 


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