South Orlando

Field Status

Barber Park......... OPEN

Airport Lakes.........OPEN


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Code of Ethics

SOSC Tryout FAQs

  1. My son or daughter received a placement card during the Premier ID sessions, do they need to come back for regular tryouts?

    1. Yes.  

    2. We’d like to have our top players there at least on day one for players to play against and with

    3. There is registration that needs to be completed

  2. How are players notified what team they made?

    1. They will be given cards on the field by the coaches that indicate which team they were placed on.

  3. What do I do next?

    1. Take that card to the registration area, a volunteer will assist you in registering and paying your deposit.

  4. Do I have to pay that night?

    1. No, however you only have 48 hours to accept the placement and register and pay the deposit.  

  5. How will I register if I leave the field?

    1. An email with the registration link will be sent to you so that you can complete the registration online.

  6. Who should I talk to regarding concerns about my player’s placement?  

    1. Rob and/or Dan

  7. What is different than last year if my player played in FSPL this year?

    1. We’ve added a platform that includes additional training

    2. Top level coaching

    3. Multiple tiers and a pathway to a National platform

  8. What if my player is hurt and cannot attend tryouts?

    1. Register so that we have your information on file

    2. We can place you according to your current team level and then you can be evaluated when you’re healthy and at that time, be placed on the appropriate team then.