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  • Orlando City SC Launches Youth Affiliation Program; Partners with South Orlando Soccer Club. 
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Developmental Schedules for the Spring 2018 season are now posted. 

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For more information about our developmental program or to see if there are any open slots please contact: 

Club Secretary: Cayenne Dansby

Developmental Director: Ryan Goulart

Check out our South Orlando soccer Spirit store.

  Click HERE to check out what we have for all of our families. 

SOSC would like to share some exciting news about the future of our Club. 

Orlando City Affiliation

One exciting development that we'd like to share is that SOSC (through its Board of Directors and Competitive Committee) has been working for a long time towards a goal of SOSC continuing to grow and become one of the best clubs in Florida, as well as have multiple competitive teams competing at every age group and in all divisions.  SOSC has decided that the best way to achieve these goals was to align ourselves with a club in the area that has an established infrastructure, top quality coaching staff, and a pathway for SOSC players to reach their goals of playing at the highest level, while also maintaining our identity that we've worked so hard to build over the last 10 years.  We expect to not only achieve these goals, but also to continue to offer an affordable home Club to the families in our community that just want to play soccer with their friends.


After months of vetting multiple options that included six different organizations, the Club voted at our April Board meeting to proceed with final negotiations to enter into an affiliation with Orlando City Soccer Club (“OCSC”).




1. SOSC will maintain day to day control of the Club.  It will have an independent BOD, keep its uniforms (Go Green!), maintain our field locations, and have control over our coaches, pricing, and other operational issues.  However, we are looking forward to OCSC providing the following:

a.           Technical training for all Recreational Players, Bridge Players, and some Competitive teams.  They will be replacing Coerver who has provided us with many years of excellent service and training and have been an integral part of getting SOSC where it is today.  We thank them very much for their years of service.

b.          A formal curriculum for coaches to follow from u5 Recreational thru u18 Competitive.  All coaches will be following a core curriculum that will provide standardization of the technical skills and tactical style of our Club.

c.           Assistance with Competitive tryouts starting in 2018.

d.          Player and coaching tracking tools to track player progression and a coach development program.

e.           Allow us to access coaches from their coaches pool when necessary,

f.           Player identification opportunities for our completive players to participate in the Orlando City Development Academy.

g.          College placement and showcase opportunities.


2.  Improved Infrastructure and Administration.  This is a big one for SOSC.  While we have organically grown to be one of the largest clubs in Central Florida, we have experienced resource and other challenges expected for any volunteer organization of our size.  We will now have access to many experienced people who have been through the challenges that we occasionally experience and will help guide us through because they've been there before.  Having this knowledge at our fingertips and at our meetings will be very valuable as we continue to grow.


3. The bottom line is that we want our players and families to have the best experience possible, no matter what their long term goals are.  If they have aspirations to play in college and beyond, they'll now have access to top level training and national programs to help get them there   AT SOSC   .  If their playing dreams end in high school or even before, we'll have a team for them while keeping our identity of the "community Club" that we've worked so hard to build.    We are also committed to providing the best value for all of these services that we possibly can.  We know that our fees are lower (much lower in some cases) than other clubs and we have many programs for players to receive financial help and we'll continue to offer this as we grow.


Finally, the Club is making a concerted effort to improve our communication with our customers, namely You, and will improve our communication going forward.  Please be on the lookout for a new club wide TeamSnap App.  SOSC is a great place to play soccer already and it will only continue to grow and improve with some major new initiatives.  The Club is excited about its future and it is surely great to be here!


Please reach out to a board member    or a member of our newly elected Board of Directors or our Competitive Committee (Lou Ferris, Frankie Kraft, Drew Bolger, Anthony Conti, Stacey Haley, or Cris Whittaker) if you have questions.  

South Orlando Soccer Club

Important notice from FYSA and US Soccer Federation.

Player development initiatives from US Soccer which includes small sided standards
and birth year registration. 

Attached is the presentation from US Soccer on the new initiatives for the 2016-2017
soccer season. 

Click on the links below to view these initiatives. 

FYSA will be adopting both of the USSF mandates of calendar birth years
and small-sided games, Beginning with the 2016-17 seasonal year. 

Please note that the format " U followed by age" really means that age and younger. 
For Example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger. 

Click HERE for a link to actual presentation and video of these initiatives.