South Orlando

Field Status

Barber Park......... OPEN

Airport Lakes.........OPEN


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Code of Ethics

2006/2007 (U13) & 2008 (U11) Division Rules

· All Games will be played 9 V 9

· We will use a size 4 ball

· The goalie will be used at this level

· Games will consist of two 30-minute halves for a total game time of 60 minutes

(The clock does not stop, games are played with a running clock)

· Nine players on the field per team with one of them being a goalkeeper, with a roster of 11 to 13 players

· Heading is NOT allowed and will result in a free kick.

· All players must wear shin guards during the game

· Referee will be provided by SOSC and the referee decision is final

· All goals are celebrated, not counted. We DO NOT keep score

· There is no winner or loser

· We use SOSC issued goals only

· Teams may be co-ed

· Each player should play 50% of the time

· Kick off will start the first and second half alternating halves

· For all kick offs, throw ins, free kicks, etc. the opposing team must give five yard distance off the ball

· The off sides rule will be enforced and should be introduced and taught during play

· No direct kicks will be awarded. Only indirect kicks for fouls. No indirect kicks inside the goal box. Move to closest area outside.

· There will be no red cards

· Throw-ins will be used

· Corner kicks will be awarded

· All infraction will be explained to the player

· Trophies will be awarded to all players at the end of the season