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Fall 2017 Developmental schedules

Please note: 2006/07 thru 2011 age divisions

   Barber Park has closed the upper fields where the 2006/07 age teams usually play soccer on Saturday mornings due to field maintenance.  The fields that the 2006/07 age division will be playing on will be on the lower fields at Barber Park were all the other age teams play. The 2006/07 field have been painted on the lower fields over the 2008 thru 2013 game fields.


  Due to the fact that all the age groups will be playing on the same fields on a Saturday morning the morning start times will have to be extended for most teams so we can get all our games in on that Saturday.

   For 2006/07 age division, we have a total of 6 teams which = 3 games on Saturday.

We will play 2 of these 3  games with a start time of 8am on Saturday mornings. After the 2 games are played by the 2006/07 division at 8am, we will then play all the other age team divisions from 2008 thru 2011.  After the field clears of the 2008 and 2009 games we will play the final 2006/07 game. This third 2006/07 game of the day start time will be around 1:30pm.

The 2012/13 age divisions will not be affected as the play their games on Friday evenings at 5:45pm

   Please understand that these later game times for the 2006 thru 2011 age groups are the result of Barber Park closing down half of our soccer playing space on Saturday mornings as they tear up and redo the upper fields. SOSC has worked really hard on getting the times of each game as early in the day as we possibly could, with the field space that we will have. If Barber Park finishes redoing the upper fields before our season ends we will adjust our schedule so that everybody gets earlier start times.

Thank you for you understanding,

Ryan Goulart

Developmental Program Director
South Orlando Soccer Club
4409 Hoffner Ave #122
Orlando, FL, 32812