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Field Status

Barber Park

FIELD 1 ................. CLOSED

TOP FIELD............ CLOSED

Airport Lakes.........CLOSED

Young Pine............CLOSED

Summer Camps

Code of Ethics

Referee Information

Please submit game report to Kathy McCoy at 
or send it via fax 321.282.7751



  • All reports must be emailed as an attachment rather than as a part of the body of the e-mail
  • A W-9 must be submitted in order to receive payment
  • Centers must submit game reports no later than Tuesday evening following the day the game was played otherwise payment will be delayed
  • If reports are mailed they should be sent to SOSC 4409 Hoffner Ave #122, Orlando, FL 32812

Red Card Procedure
New Red Card Procedure - beginning Spring 2011
The referee is to return ALL passes (EXCEPT for referee assault) to the coaches after completion of the game. The referee will, within 48 hours of the game, send the FYSA Game Report and FYSA Supplemental Referee Form of the player/coach receiving a red card documenting the red card violation to the league VP of Discipline (Matt Hutchinson). Referees, please scan the documents and email (preferable) or send via US Mail.
When the VP of Discipline receives the reports, GCF is now responsible for determining the duration of the suspension to be given and for when the suspension is considered to be completed.  The VP of Discipline will then forward the information along with length of suspension on to the appropriate parties (DC, league president, club president).
Upon or before completion of the suspension, the player must pay a $50 fine* (coach fine* is $100) to their club (check made out to their club) since their club will be assessed the fine by GCF. The club sends the Red Card Sanction History Report to both GCF AND the FYSA District Commissioner. A list of players/coaches receiving red cards will be posted on the league website under Red Card Discipline.
Referees are to KEEP the offending player/coach pass and mail the pass along with the FYSA Game Report and FYSA Supplemental Referee Report of Red Card(s) offenses to:
GCF VP of Discipline
Matt Hutchinson
1262 Lake Francis Drive
Apopka, Florida 32712

Referee Pay Schedule
starting Fall 2014
GCFYSL Recommended Referee Pay Schedule
U-82 x 20$20.00/gameN/A$20.00/game
U-9/102 x 25$30.00/game$15.00/game$60.00/game
U-9/10*2 x 25$40.00/game*if no A/Rs$40.00/game
U-11/122 x 30$35.00/game$20.00/game$75.00/game
U-13/142 x 35$50.00/game$25.00/game$100.00/game
U-15/162 x 40$60.00/game$30.00/game$120.00/game
U-17/192 x 45$70.00/game$35.00/game$140.00/game