South Orlando

Field Status

Barber Park......... OPEN

Airport Lakes.........OPEN


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Code of Ethics

              Code of Ethics Parents & Spectators

  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, game officials, and administrators. at all times.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of all players ahead of any personal desire to win.
  • I will support the coaches, officials, and administrators working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
  • I will remember that the game is for the players, not for the adults.
  • I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, game officials, administrators, and fans with respect. 
  • I will always be positive. 
  • I will always allow the coach to be the only coach. 
  • I will not get into arguments with the opposing team's parents, players, or coaches. 
  • I will not come onto the field for any reason during the game. 
  • I will not criticize game officials.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs and unauthorized prescription drugs shall not be possessed, consumed or distributed before, during or after any game or at any other time at the field and/or game complex. 
  • I will refrain from any activity or conduct that may be detrimental or reflect adversely upon South Orlando Soccer Club, its members or its programs

 Parents pledge

Parent's Pledge

South Orlando Soccer Club has expectations of all the parents that you will conduct yourselves appropriately and treat everyone with respect. Our goal is to provide a positive environment for our children where they are safe and able to learn soccer skills while further developing their sportsmanship.

It is very important for all parents to celebrate good play for all the children and teams. The focus of South Orlando Soccer Club's micro soccer program is not on winning or losing, but instead on having fun and making new friends while learning to love soccer. Winning and losing is the focus of the older children. We do not want to count goals when the children are so young, by doing so will only create the thought of a winner or loser. All of the children are winners especially when they are trying their best. Please do not take away their positive feelings of fun and playing in a game by counting goals and labeling the game as a win or loss. This competitive nature comes later for the soccer player.

Parents please keep in mind that this is not your game, but the children's game. Keep it simple and have fun!

Please only raise your voice in praise and in support of good play.

Lastly, please support your child's coach. Let them be the coach and foster new skills being taught by them. The coach is their new mentor at practice. Another concern of importance, please do not leave your child unattended at practice. It is not the responsibility of the coach to provide child care. The coach has volunteered his time and effort to share and foster soccer skills